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WHO’S ROD BARTHET ? He’s an active and innovative in the field of music. Rod BARTHET is on the roads to go to play music as professional musician for 25 years, always with the same pleasure.

Rod Barthet is an artist singer guitarist. Well known as one of the best bluesman in France, influences : Blues rock, Boogie, Soul music.
APPROXIMATELY 1700 CONCERTS SO FAR : France, Germany, USA, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal.
HAS SHARED THE STAGE WITH : John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Johnson, Francis Cabrel, Popa Chubby, Steve Smith, Patsy Gallant, Alvin Lee, Mick Taylor, Joe Louis Walker, Tommy Castro, Robben Ford, Robert Cray, Louis Bertignac .

Opening show John Lee Hooker San Francisco ( USA )
Opening show Jimmy Johnson ( France )
Elysée Montmartre  Paris ( France )
New Morning  Paris ( France )
Sentier des Halles  Paris ( France )
Festival with Bo Diddley & Wilson Picket à Auch ( France )
Festival with Alvin Lee & Mick Taylor Athens ( Greece )
Festival Guitare Folies Toulouse ( France )
Festival des Eurockéennes  Belfort   with Oasis – Alanis Morisette – Rita Mitsouko – Moby – Macy Gray  ( France )
Festival SKOPJE ( Macedonia )
Montreux Jazz Festival off ( Switzerland )
kulturpark Alsancak  IZMIR ( Turkey )
Merida, Zacatecas, Mexico ( Mexico )
Fête de la musique à Kosice ( Slovakia )

Biography : Rod attended his first rock show ( DEEP PURPLE) when he was 3.

He started listening to pop rock at the age of 12 and a friend lent him a Japanese electric guitar. He started spending countless hours in his grandmother’s garage, disrupting her early years of retirement, then started his first band.

When he was 20, he attended the Mai ( Music Academy International in Nancy France) for a year, then decided to turn professional. He studied harmonies, vocals, reading and writing music. He spent nights jamming with friends and started the first version of Rod & The Shotgun Blues. The first shows were pure entertainment, then many more followed.
91, Rod was 21 and the threesome flew to San Francisco where a friend of Rod’s could house them all. They saw Tommy Castro, Johnny Nitro, Harvey Mandel ( CANNED HEAT), Ron Thompson and Jim Guyet ( JOHN LEE HOOKER’s bassist).

They jammed with those new acquaintances and some locals heard their demo until it hit JOHN LEE HOOKER’s tape deck. He called them and offered them to open for him; they sort of blew it due to the pressure. However Rod was invited to his house and talked to Mr Boom Boom for a couple of hours which let him, needless to say, extremely impressed. The band spent 3 months in San Francisco and managed a few dates at the Paradise Lounge, at the Pit and in a couple of Redwood City clubs. They also jammed with local big shots at the Saloon and the Grant & Green.

1993 Rod put out his self-produced debut album entitled Let’s Boogie with lyrics in English and recorded at Mobius Music studios in San Francisco, which was supposed to be sold at shows mostly.
1995 he went back to SF with the band to record a second album at Alpha and Omega studios, whose title is Mister Alligator, distributed through Dixiefrog (French blues records label). Meanwhile he opened for the likes of Roy Rogers, Joe Louis Walker, Bo Diddley, Wilson Picket, Alvin Lee and Mick Taylor.
1998, Rod made his third album for dixiefrig records. The response from both the public and the media was very positive. The following year Rod met Boris Bergman who co-wrote 8 songs for his Au Bout de ma Ligne album. While true to Rod’s roots, this album displays more maturity the arrangements are more elaborate. Rod’s voice has also gotten more distinct and Boris’s lyrics have brought more edge and a rockier direction. Rod appeared on numerous radio shows on Europe 1, France Inter and Ouï FM.

2001 Rod and Valérie Fauchet got in touch over the phone consequently to a classified in SACEM’s paper. A whole bunch of new songs stemmed from their ensuing collaboration, Boris Bergman taking part once again.
2002 Rod appeared at the 18th convention of Astaffort which was set up by La Voix du Sud presided over by Francis Cabrel. Music only mattered throughout the 10-day convention where the atmosphere was very friendly.
2003 Rod made a concerts tour in Mexico which was very appreciated. New CD “Rod Barthet “Balconnet de France” also gave guitar lesson to the main actor Michel Subor for film “the intruder”, carried out by Claire Denis with Béatrice Dalle, Bambou and Katia Golubeva.
2004 Concerts tour Slovakia music festival. A concert was diffused on the Radio (Italy) RSR (Swiss) on France Bleu: Drome Ardeche – Bourgogne Franche-Comté – Savoie Haute- Savoie.

2006 new CD “Rod Barthet “Je Te Promets” the 2nd CD Into his own name. In this new album, Rod find he’s plenitude, that gives true songs, That feels maturity and the real style of Rod BARTHET
In 2009 Concert Tour promo of the new album « Under good Star »
2010 New Album + Tour Paloma
2013-2018 + concerts release of a new album “les filles a l’écoute”  produced in San Francisco .

2019-2021: Recording new album, release of the new album « Ascendant Johnny Cash » + tour

•2023-2024 New Album « A L’ombre des sycomores » concerts and preparation of recordings for a future album in 2025

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